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Tamara Hanson

about Tamara

Here are the basics: 

I'm a non-fiction and fiction writer with numerous self-published books to my credit (see Prairie Girl Press for more details). I have completed numerous freelance writing projects for lifestyle magazines, real estate agencies, investment products, aesthetic products, airlines, and home builders/developers (see my Portfolio). 

Here's the long and wordy version of how this writing thing came about: 

I started writing at a very young age, penning stories about the Titanic, ghosts, and other paranormal things. I then took these masterpieces and taped them to my desk at school. Some kids had their art, I had my stories. 

Growing up, I wrote three books about dating a famous movie star. I had a few friends who were part of my story and they willingly wrote scenes for me. It was fun, creative, and I'm so glad that I had awesome friends to support me through three books!


During my teen years, I wrote numerous poems of the teen angsty type.  Those will be locked away forever. Don't ask.

In 1995, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Regina. At one point in my life, I thought I could help people through counselling. However, the writing muse kept calling my name and, after a ten year break of not writing, I picked up my pen again...or rather, turned on my used Mac computer that I bought from my Psychology professor, which had no hard drive. (Remember, this is the 90s.) 

That's when I wrote Dream Weavers, my first book since writing the above mentioned three novels about life with a movie star. Dream Weavers was the first book that I wanted others to read. Since then, I've self-published Spiritual Money, InspiredWriting, and Just Between You and Me under my imprint of Prairie Girl Press

Like I have said before, I have an extensive portfolio of copywriting and copyediting that I've completed for a variety of clients: from home builders/developers, aesthetics, and traders to editing books and manuals for individuals and large companies. View the list of clients here: Portfolio.

I am a chai latte lover and a yoga lover. Aside from writing, I enjoy spending time with my children, learning about quantum physics, law of attraction, and spirituality. I also enjoy sharing inspiring ideas with others, and believe we create our own lives.

I am currently working on a few projects (see below) and hope to have them released at some point in 2018. Stay tuned! 

Sacred Circle: Young Adult fiction novel

More than This: Women's Fiction 

Soul Love Warrior: A Guide to Loving Your Beautiful, Badass Self: Self-help

I am currently marrying my psychology degree with my writing by launching a relationship book, blog, and Facebook page called: Soul Love. I would love it if you stopped by!